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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
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Touristic map and guide of SACILE, town of the Livenza river and of the ‘Sagra dei Osei’
(Italia – Friuli Venezia Giulia region – province of Pordenone – homogeneous zone of Sacile and Alto Livenza)
  Famous in the world because of the ‘Sagra dei Osei (The Bird’s Festival’ which has overtook 750 editions: first weekend after 15 of August with as prologue ‘The spring Bird’s Fair’ in the first weekend after Easter), the town of Sacile merits a visit also in the rest of the year because is joining to important architectural monuments an out of ordinary show of the nature: the winding stream of the splendid waters of the Livenza river.
Sacile became an important urban centre long before 1000 a.C. when the Lombards fortified the two islands created by the Livenza river (which begin 10 km at North) and constituting still today the hearth of the town. It was the more western stronghold of the Patriarchat of Aquileia until 1420 a.C. when Venezia annexed the Friuli region. In the following centuries, using lo longer its military function, the town became the ‘Giardino della Serenissima’ (The garden of Serenissima) enriching itself with bridges, churches and palaces often overlooking the peaceful waters of the river, to which the algaes and the willows trees give a particular emerald green colour.
  In the heart of the town you must visit the ‘Piazza del popolo’ (The people’s square) constituted with renaissance buildings (over all of 1500) among which stands out the ‘Loggia del Comune’ (The Community’s open gallery), continuing toward West in the Via Garibaldi that has maintained its ancient look and the palaces Doro, Casagrande, Santin and the S.Gregorio Church.
  Then you can go back to the centre trough via Campo Marzio where stand the palaces Candiani and Ettoreo and a belvedere on the river.

  At South of the Piazza del Popolo there is the second Island of the town with the Duomo of 1500 (with frescoes in the apse and precious paintings), the Pity chapel with a characteristic open gallery on the river , the palaces Ovvio and Carli and the ‘Borgo vecchio’ (old quarter) with its charming narrow streets leading first at South to the ‘Foro boario’ where stands out a large tower with a segment of walls of 1500, then again at North to crossing the river on a panoramic foot-bridge and to completing the visit of the eastern, more modern part of the historical centre.

  Here the main attraction is the great palace Flangini-Billia (of 1500 with frescos) recently restored for various functions among which raises the recreational centre ‘Parco Fluviale’ (River Park) extending along the stream of the river ( upon which in some points are dykes creating charming water jumps). Also in this area (via Cavour) there are places and historical buildings, a typical large tower and, more at East (viale Zancanaro), the Theatre in art nouveau style and Villa Zancanaro.
  In the end of this avenue (at the entrance in the town from East) there is an architectural rarity: the San Liberale soldato church, built in 1900 on inspiration of the famous painting of Raffaello Sanzio ‘Sposalizio della Vergine’ (The Virgin wedding).

  Two large parking areas are available at the Foro Boario and in via Lacchin (near the railway station), this one with recreational facilities for children and connected to the Piazza del Popolo by a way along the river.
  In the suburb of Vistorta, to see the little rural-seigneural village of 1800 with the small church (wooden altar) of Fossa-Liuba.   


 Recommended touristic Accommodation in Sacile and surroundings

Holiday farm CORTIVO PANCOTTO**°°, Caneva, loc. Fratta via della Chiesa 6, tel.0434-70993     
Accommodation in mini-apartments  /  Hot cooking (only in winter)

Holiday farm LA PIOPPA**°°, Sacile loc. S. Odorico via Camolli 14, tel./fax.0434-70993  /  Accommodation in 5 rooms in isolated restored rural house, swimming pool: always open / Hot cooking and sale of produce from friday to sunday

Hotel DUE LEONI ****, 33077 Sacile, piazza del Popolo 24, tel.0434-788111 fax.0434-788112

Recommended restaurants in Sacile and surroundings

Osteria ANTICA RONCHE**°°, Sacile  via Ronche 58, tel.0434-71404

Holiday farm LA PIOPPA**°° of Bonadio Florio, Sacile 34070 PN, loc. S. Odorico via Camolli 14, tel./fax.0434-70993 / Hot cooking and sale of cured meats of pork, equines and game: friday and saturday in evening, sunday at noon and evening (other days on booking) / Accommodation in rooms (EN)

Restaurant CELLINI***°, Sacile via della pietà 20,tel.0434-72868 (monday closed)

Restaurant IL PEDROCCHINO****, Sacile piazza 4 Novembre, tel.0434-70034
(sunday evening and whole monday closed)

Holiday farm  LAGO ORZAIE**°°, FONTANAFREDDA 33074 PN, loc.Orzaie di Vigonovo, via Oberdan 78 (at North of the La Croce industrial estate), tel.0434-569766 / Hot cooking specialized in trout and other fresh-water fishes; sports fishing; pic-nic area with barbecues; playground; great spaces and covered surface for meetings / Open: friday and saturday evening, sunday and public holidays noon at evening (booking is appreciated) (see file)

Recommended typical Producers in Sacile and surroundings

Beekeeper MARSON ALFREDO, Sacile Via Luigi Nono 22 ( 100 metres at West from the main square) Tel.0434-735122
Honey: Millefiori (of spring and classic), Lucerne, Chestnut three, Metcalfa honeydew, Taraxacum / Pollen / House-Mix: honey-pollen-royal jelly-propolis and  Honey-propolis / Choco-honey (with acacia-honey, hazelnut paste and cocoa) / Wax objects: standard and ancient candles/ Open in the afternoon from monday to saturday or on call.

Holiday farm LA PIOPPA, Sacile loc. S. Odorico via Camolli 14, tel./fax.0434-70993 Production and direct sale of cured meats of pork, equines and game / Accommodation in rooms and Hot cooking in weekend

Holiday farm  LAGO ORZAIE**°°, FONTANAFREDDA 33074 PN, loc.Orzaie di Vigonovo, via Oberdan 78 (at North of the La Croce industrial estate), tel.0434-569766 / Direct sale (also with sports fishing) of trouts and other fresh-water fishes bred in the same farm (see file)

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