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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Map and touristic guide of the ROSAZZO ABBEY in Friuli region

The hills of the Rosazzo Abbey between the country towns of Manzano, Corno di Rosazzo, San Giovanni al Natisone and Premariacco
(Europe - Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia region - province of Udine - homogeneous area 'Colli del Triangolo')


  The Rosazzo area (shared by four municipal districts) today is, surprisingly, exactly as the founding friars would have wished: covered with woods and vineyards, with few buildings all dedicated to farming, silent and immersed in a peaceful atmosphere. This situation is still more curious if you think that it survives in the centre of one of most active industrial districts (chairs) in Europe.
  Therefore this area merits not only a visit in the Abbey but also a nice walk along the little roads which connect about thirty wineries (often in buildings of great historical value): they are scattered over bizarre agglomerate of hills which alternate soft slopes with wild gorges, capable however to produce some of the most fine wines in the world, as Picolit, Pignolo, Ribolla gialla.  


To see

- The benedictine Abbey of Rosazzo, which maintains intact the ancient fortified structure of 1000 a.C., with church, cloister, tower, garden;
- the Poggiobello hill with Villa De Marchi of 1900 and the very nice medieval Corte Michelloni and S.Egidio Chapel of 1000;
- typical houses in some hamlets: Michelloni House and other ones in Azzano, some ones in Oleis; medieval house at Noax; fort-house Deciani in Case;
- religious buildings: the San Pietro Church of 1000 in the Abbey; San Gerolamo of 1600 in Azzano; the Parish Church in Oleis; the Madonna d’Aiuto Sanctuary of 1600-1900 at Gramogliano, suburb of Corno di Rosazzo; the San Giacomo Apostolo chapel of 1500 in Noax.
- castles: Perusini Castle (with four towers) of 1500 at Rocca Bernarda; the Tower of 1300 at Gramogliano;
- Palaces: Villa Pontoni of 1700 in Ipplis; Palazzo Braida (with astronomical observatory) of 1900 and Corte Masieri of 1700 in Oleis; the complex of Villa Romano of 1700 in Case; Villa Trento of 1500 near Dolegnano (difficult to see); Villa Moroldi of 1600 and Villa Perusini of 1800 (with innovative cellar-tower of 2000) at Gramogliano.



  The whole area is covered by little dirt roads for the transit of vehicles for cultivating vineyards and woods, then it is easy to walk everywhere. Though there are some little steep valleys (the soil is composed with the ‘ponca’, marly material very crumbly), then you should pay a bit of attention to not venture, out the paths, over untidy slopes. (see the main paths, draw with green points, in the map)


Typical produce in the area of Rosazzo Abbey

- Doc Colli Orientali del Friuli Wines, between which excel the white Friulano, Sauvignon, Ribolla gialla and Picolit, the red Cabernet franc and Pignolo.
- Extravirgin olive oil typical of Friuli (with a very low acidity)
- Grappa and distillates

Recommended Producers with sell by retail in the Rosazzo Abbey area

Farms LIVON****, S.Giovanni al Natisone loc.Dolegnano via Montarezza 33, tel.0432-757173   /  Doc Colli Orientali del Friuli wines, grappa and acquavite, extravirgin olive oil, , balsamic winegar: sell in working time

RONCHI DI S.EGIDIO***° di Micheloni D. e T., MANZANO 33044 UD, loc. Poggiobello 20, tel./fax.0432-750171  /  At 1 km from the Abbey (new road) high quality wines only in bottles: Friulano, Cabernet franc, Refosco p.r., raisin golden Verduzzo, Sparkling wine rosé extra dry (Refosco): sell in working time / Attached holiday Accommodation and Cooking

SOLDER***°, CORNO di Rosazzo 33040 UD, via Gramogliano 14, tel./fax. 0432-759152 331-4121777 / Doc Colli Orientali del Friuli wines: Friulano, Ribolla gialla, Pinot grigio, Malvasia, Bianco Collio, Merlot, Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon; grape blend D'Oro (Verduzzo-Picolit), sparkling Ribolla gialla brut / Sell by measure and in bottles in the farm in working time and in the attached Osteria

MAGNAN ALEX**°°  Holiday farm ROCCA DEL SOLE, CORNO di Rosazzo 33040 UD, Via Rocca Bernarda 13, tel./fax. 0432-755837 339-6117303 388-7633299 /  Direct sale of  5 White and 4 Red Wines, Picolit / Open in Holiday farm times and on booking (see map)

LE DUE TORRI**°° of Volpe Antonino, 33040 CORNO di Rosazzo
Via S.Martino 19, tel.0432-759150 fax 0432-753115 338-3103061 /
Doc and Igt by measure and bottled: 9 white e 9 red (Schioppettino, Tazzelenghe, Franconia…) / Sell in working time from monday to saturday 


The gastronomy in the area of Rosazzo Abbey

There are no particular dishes in this area, but are proposed at high level all typical friulan dishes.

Where to eat typical friulan food in the Rosazzo Abbey area

Holiday farm ROCCA DEL SOLE *°°° of Magnan Alex, CORNO di Rosazzo 33040 UD, Via Rocca Bernarda 13, tel./fax. 0432-755837 339-6117303 388-7633299 / Cold and warm refreshment: typical friulian and seasonal dishes / Large and small room / On the panoramic hill of Rocca Bernarda castle (5' footing) / Direct sale of Wines / Open  10-22.00 (closed on monday and tuesday, 10-29 January and from 15 August to 15 October) (see map)

Holiday farm RONCHI DI S.EGIDIO**°° of Micheloni Daniele & Tiziana, MANZANO 33044 UD, loc. Poggiobello 20, tel./fax.0432-750171  /  Typical friulan cooking homemade with armony and simplicity in a millenary walled court / Open: thursday and friday19-24.00, saturday and sunday 11-24.00 (September and October closed)

Osteria SOLDER**°°, CORNO di Rosazzo 33040 UD, via Gramogliano 14, tel./fax. 0432-759152 331-4121777 / / The dishes of the friulan tradition enriched by accurate choice of area-produce and by unsophisticated homemade cooking / Sale of Doc C.O.F. wines / Summer garden; view of Rosazzo Abbey and valley/ Open: 11.30-14.00/18.30-24.00 from tuesday to sunday (from friday to sunday in October-November and January-February; other days only for groups on reservation) 


Where to sleep in the Rosazzo Abbey area

Holiday farm RONCHI DI S.EGIDIO***° of Micheloni Daniele & Tiziana, MANZANO 33044 UD, loc. Poggiobello 20, tel./fax.0432-750171  / In a millenary walled court 5 large double (+ 1 bed) rooms with every comfort / Friulan-continental breakfast / Courtyard and garden / Open whole year

Hotel CAMPIELLO****, San Giovanni al Natisone, tel.0432-757910

Holiday farm VILLA BUTUSSI***°, Corno di Rosazzo loc. Visinale, tel.0432-75992

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