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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Guide and touristic Map of PORDENONE town
(Europe – Italy – Friuli Venezia Giulia autonomous region – province of Pordenone - omogeneous area Watershed flatland of Pordenone )
 Pordenone is a town well-known in the world thanks to the its electric household appliances production. but also it is able, in the same time, to offer an historical-architectural attraction with very few ones like it: the straight Corso Vittorio Emanuele, an uninterrupted parade (well 800 metres long) of various ages houses, palaces, churches, which ends in a small square with the original medieval Town Hall and the Duomo. 
  The ‘Corso’ presents dozens of historical houses and palaces (from 1300 to 1700) often with arcades and without significant intrusions of modern styles. Of remarkable architectural value some buildings as Mantica House of 1400, Gregoris Palace, Montereale-Mantica Palace and Ricchieri palace which hosts Civic Museum of Arts with picture gallery, applied arts, Far East art, the Duomo Treasure, stone and wooden sculptures, frescos and paintings on wood and on canvas.
  The characteristic Town Hall, with two little towers, has been built in 1300-1500.
  The Duomo, which preserves frescoes, sculptures, paintings, has a very nice bell-tower of 1200-1700.
  The pedestrian trail starting from the Duomo crosses, on the ‘Adamo ed Eva’ bridge, the Noncello resurgent river and its picturesque park, and ends at the Santissima Trinità octagonal church of 1500.
  At eastern side of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele interesting medieval scenery with the San Francesco monastery, the Castello building (now public prison), Santa Maria degli Angeli church.
  In the Torre suburb (at East, beyond the bypass road Ss 13) very ancient ‘Castello’ palace with parts of various historical periods, starting from the pre-historic and roman foundations, placed near the source (inside a large natural park) of the Noncello river.

Where to stay for sleeping in Pordenone

Hotel SANTIN**°°, Pordenone sud, tel.0434-520443

Hotel MINERVA****, Pordenone, tel.0434-26066

Where to eat typical food in Pordenone

Restaurant AL QUERINI**°°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, via Udine 100/A, tel.0434-209139 / Typical friulan cooking

Restaurant Pizzeria ALLA CATINA**°°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, piazza Cavour 10, tel.0434-520358 / Typical friulan cooking of meat, Classic italian cooking of sea-food

Restaurant DA CRISTANTE LE CASETTE**°°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, via Ospedale vecchio 6, tel.0434-26157 / Creative cooking with typical friulan produce

Trattoria LA FERRATA**°°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, via Gorizia 7,tel.0434-20562 / Traditional cooking of meat and fish / Tuesday closed

Restaurant Wine-bar AL CENACOLO***°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, via San Francesco 1/B, tel.0434-20333 / Creative cooking with typical friulan produce

Osteria IL BROLO***°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, via Molinari 26, tel.0434-26698 / Sunday closed

LA VECJA OSTERIA DEL MORO***°, PORDENONE 33170 PN, via Castello 2, tel.0434-28658 / Traditional and creative cooking / Sunday closed  

Where to buy typical produce directly from the Farmers near Pordenone

FRIULITTICA, Cordenons, via Chiavornicco 68 Zona artigianale, tel.0434-44246 / 
Fresh and smoked local Trout (in the factory shop, every day morning)

Milk-shop LATTERIA di BANNIA Az. Agr. RUSALEN, Fiume Veneto 33080 PN, Loc. Bannia via Manzoni 88 , tel.348-6699546 fax 0434-630657 / All typical cheeses of the Pordenone low flatland, by own production: Latteria 'primo sale', 2-3-6-12 months, 'ubriaco' e 'speziale', Stracchino, Mozzarella, Caciotta, Bistecca / Yogurt / Ricotta / Fresh milk 24 h / Icecream whole year / Classic-potatoes-speck Frico / Monday and afternoon wednesday closed (vedi scheda)

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