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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Map and touristic guide of VILLA MANIN at Passariano and of the municipal district of Codroipo
(Europe - Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia region - province of Udine - omogeneous area of Terre Manin with Codroipo and Passariano)

  Since the ancient times this area has had a very eventful life because it is located in the point more northern in which the Tagliamento river is easily fordable (here have passed an infinity of merchants and armies), because it is one of the more smooth direction between the Middle Europe and the Mediterranean Sea and, at last, because it has plenty of water just at South of a dry flat country 15 km large
The same name of Codroipo express this fact because it derives from the latin ‘Quadruvium (crossroads). It should be testified also by a historical site of the town, ‘Le Catocce’, name which seems indicate a settlement of greek-alexandrian Christians in the first centuries a.C. The historical vestiges widespread in the locality however the centuries subsequent the 1500, when finished the Turkish incursions and aristocratics of the republic of Venezia can dedicate theyselves uninterruptly to the utilization of the rich soil of the Codroipo country.


So is born the magnificent Villa Manin, country residence of the Doge of Venezia. The great complex has been built upon the house of the land agent and became symbol of this area of the friulan flat country, both in the dry and in the wet sides of it, jointed by the ‘Stradone Manin’ (big road Manin) which starts just from the Villa.
 The other element of great interest in the municipal district of Codroipo are the phenomenons of resurgence, that, with various types of springs, create in few s metres numerous ways of water: you can watch them in a dedicated park.  

The things to see

  TheVilla Manin has been built in the space of a century (1600-1700). Its main elements are: central building in venetian style, lateral arcades, exedra with two towers, octagonal chapel park in french style with medows, scrubs of trees (several world’s species) and scattered statues; from the main northern entrance of the park starts the Stradone Manin, straight dirt road, tree-lined with poplars and interrupted only by road-railway axis at Zompicchia village.
The main building of the Villa and the chapel merit a visit also in the interiors for watching frescos and pictures of french and venetian school, the period furniture (there is also the room of Napoleon) and an exposition of ancient weapons.
Numerous are the expositions, events and concerts which happen especially in summer

Historical centre of Codroipo
Parish church with wooden Crucifix; archaeological museum (tuesday and sunday 9.30-12.30, free entry, visit: 30’), Theatre and Library in interesting modern style.
The resurgences park
It is a strip of land which include three ways of water and all typologies of spring characteristic of the area: as gush, filtration, ‘olla’ circular pool,; the route (total time for a visit: 2 h) is constituted by paths well signed and with little bridges. Open whole year.
The way of theMills
It is parallel to the Resurgence park: among the few buildings present, to see, coming from North, the Bert’s Mill and then the Bosa’s Mill.
There is one of few today existing examples of renaissance defensive courtain, with commemorative little church of 1800; large presence of area typical walls (stones alternating with lines of bricks or also broken bits) and a nice group of restored typical houses.
S.Michele neoclassical parish church with baroque altar (in carved and gilt wood); S.Cecilia little church of 1483 with frescos.
Madonna delle grazie (The Virgin of favours) neoclassical sanctuary of 1900 at Screncis (near Bertiolo)
San Martino
Villa Kechler del 1500 (front of the building in friulan renaissance style) che ospita il < strong>Villa Kechler of 1500 (facade in friulan renaissance style) which hosts the Civic Museum of period coaches, with about fifty rare models of various periods (thursday and friday in the afternoon, saturday in the morning, sunday in the morning and in the afternoon / tel.0432-912493)
Le Catocce
Ancient rural building that the experts think built upon a previous coenoby dating back to the first century a.C., in front of neoclassical Villa Stroili with a nice park
Muscletto (out map)
Remarkable the Mels Palace with two towers, of 1500, which stays in the North of the little village.
Goricizza (fuori mappa)
Rural village with several stone and brocken bricks houses and internal courts
Pozzo (fuori mappa)
S.Rocco little church of 1400 with external frescos
Frecce tricolori
At East of the Rivolto village there is a military airport where which the seat of the acrobatic Italian team (PAN) ‘Frecce tricolori’ (tricolour arrows), which gives shows in the world and often when exercising is visible from the road Ss 13.


Where to eat typical food at Codroipo and Passariano

Farm VIGNIS DI DRIUT*°°° of Driutti Fabio, CODROIPO 33030 UD, loc. Lonca via A. Gramsci 12 (400 m at East of Villa Manin), tel.339-8236537 / Coold cooking, Tasting and direct Sell of typical local white and red wines, fizzing and sparkling in bag-in-box and bottle: from thursday to saturday 17-21.00, , sunday 10-14.00 / 16-21.00 (see file)

Osteria ALLE RISORGIVE**°°, Codroipo 33033 UD, via delle Acacie 2, tel./fax.0432-904491 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Typical friulan cooking with seasonal produce and selection of the best local cured pork meats and cheese (specialities: cep and chesnut soupe, frico with potatoes, wholemeal polenta, musèt e brovade, tripe, gulash, game); native friulan wines / Historical-typical place with bar, wo small rooms and new room also for banquets / Open every day (monday 11.30-14.30 only) (see map)

Farm LA’ DI MODOT**°°, Codroipo, loc.Lonca via Santuario 48, tel.0432-908029  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   /  Hot cooking at noon and at evening from friday to sunday (EN)

Typical products to buy at Codroipo and countryside

MELAMANGIO of G.Nata and G.Buffo, Sedegliano, loc.S.Lorenzo (km 3 at East-North of Codroipo) via Zorutti 61, tel.338-8426599  338-8258418 / Open every day 8.30-12.00 (12.30 saturday) /15-19.00 (15-18.00 in winter); closed monday morning and saturday afternoon, from 15 May to 30 June. (see map)
Apples (Golden delicious, Red Delicious, Imperatore, Royal gala also organic, Jonagold, Granny smith, Fuji, Gold rush also organic, Fujion also organic); Kiwi (also organic); Pears (Abate, Kaiser, Carmen); Peaches and Peach-nuts; various Fruit; seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes; Juice of apple (also organic) and of pear in b.i.b. and white and red Wines.

VIGNIS DI DRIUT*°°° Winery and Holiday cooking of Driutti Fabio, CODROIPO 33030 UD, Loc. Lonca Via A. Gramsci 12 (400 m at East of Villa Manin), tel.339-8236537 / Typical local Wines: Merlot, Cabernet franc, Refosco p.r., Friulano, Verduzzo friulano, white and red Fizzing and Sparkling Wines / Open 8.30-12.00/15-19.00 from monday to sunday (see file)


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