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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Typical dish of Friuli region MUSET E BROVADE, a perfect pair
  The perfect pairs are very rare, but they exist…when both its components for oneself always has, in the own kind, an originality and a superior quality that in the well matching pair not only gain value but also get increasing.

  It is what has appened between the ‘musèt’ (friulan cotechino) and the ‘brovàde’ (marc macerated turnip).
  The first one, seemingly a poor cured pork meat, on the contrary is a centuries-old creation, original and well-balanced.
  The second one, is a result of the fanciful marriage between the common white turnip and the noble grape-vine.
  This marriage probably is due to the fact that both these foods need a long slow cooking time (two-three hours) and are traditionally made in the same period of the winter.

  So is born a dish, ‘Musèt e brovade’ , exceptional for all point of view: taste, dietetics, economy. A world-wide unique specimen destined to successfully compete with other dishes symbol of the Italian gastronomy, as the ‘zampone e lenticchie’.  

   In fact the strengths of ‘Musèt e Brovade’ are: perfect integration of the flavours ( the ‘brovade’ one is quite singular), smallness of calories, low cost of components.
  First of all, the light acidity of the Brovade goes divinely with the fat of the Muset at the same time on the taste level and on the digestive level.
  Then, if the Muset has (like the other cotechini) a charge of 340 kcal/Hg, the turnip brings a dowry of only 20 Kcal/Hg, whereas (in this fact the dietetic difference stays) the lentils has the unsuspected charge of 300 Kcal/Hg and over.
  At last, the Muset is one of the cured pork meats most cheap because is made with lean meat, lard rind, tender little muscles, some parts of the pork snout (these ones make the difference with the classic cotechino).
  For happy conclusion the able butcher adds some (not many) spices. (See page of the product).

  The only problem of this friulan dish is the cooking time, but it is worth the effort. The Muset must be boiled on a medium flame for an hour and half (two hours for removing all fat); the Brovade for three hours on minimum flame, simply starting with a lower layer of olive oil (or, better, ‘pestàt’) and then maintaining it half-immersed in its own water and in a little light vegetable stock (one cube for one litre of water) to add every thirty minutes.
  No salt or spice used on the Muset or the turnip, which must be served as they come out from the pots (the Muset cut in slices 1-1,5 cm tick).

Where to eat a good Musèt e Brovade in Friuli region

Province of Pordenone

Holiday farm STEVA DEL MARCHI*°°°, Spilimbergo 33097 PN, loc.Tauriano via Tramontina 1,  tel./fax.0427-94203  349-4154216 / At the exit for Spilimbergo of the Cimpello-Sequals expressway, it is the best place where to taste the cured meats, cheeses and dishes of the area (own quality pork, poultry and pasta) / Tasting and direct sale of Doc e Igt wines in bottles and bag-in-box. / Open 9-19.30 from monday to friday, 9-12.30/14.30-19.30 saturday and public holidays 

Trattoria Bar AL MARESCIAL**°° , Travesio 33090 PN, via Villa 105, tel.0427-90012 fax.0427-908177  / Typical local cooking with area produce; special first courses with pasta, gnocchi, risotto every day; typical-historical place with 'fogolar' / Monday closed

Province of North Udine

Holiday farm LA COVA DEL CERVO***° of Antonello Vit, CASSACCO 33010 UD, via Calvario 27, tel.347-0321212  / Hot cooking with specialities of deer by the own farm, various traditions and vegetarian dishes / Open: friday and saturday 19.30-24.00, sunday and pubblic holidays 12.30-17.00/19.30-24.00 / Touristic accommodation
Muset in crosta

Restaurant Osteria AL CANTINON***°, SAN DANIELE del Friuli 33038 UD, via Battisti 2,  tel./fax.0432- 955186, / Tasting of typical products ( 18 months seasoned Ham with compotes and vegetables in oil from our synergetic kitchen garden) ; seasonal Menu with the best typical friulan, area and fantasy dishes, ever with 40 choices and bred and pasta homemade / Open 10-15.00/18-24.00 (thursday closed in winter, open in summer from 18 June)

Holiday farm CASALE CJANOR***° of Missana Luigina & Margherita, Fagagna 33034 UD, loc. Casali Lini 9, tel.0432-801810 / A complete menu with goose by own farm an d other traditional and creative dishes / Tasting and sale of pork and goose preserved specialities, in oil vegetables, jams / Open whole year at meal times from friday to sunday / Educational farm / Touristic accommodation

Restaurant OSTERIA DI VILLAFREDDA***°, Tarcento 33017 UD, Loc. Loneriacco via Liruti 7 (historical typical house), tel./fax. 0432-792153 Friulan typical dishes also with old recipes and the best produce / Own organic and regional wines / Open on meal times, closed sunday and monday evening

Province of Centre Udine

Holiday farm SERAFINI*°°° Carletto, BICINICCO 33050 UD, loc. Gris via Gonars 36, tel. 340-9880448  329-2186408  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   (vedi scheda) /
Cold and hot (on reservation) cooking / Sell of wines by measure, in bag-in-box and in bottle / Open from monday to saturday 10-13.00/16-21.00 (thursady and sunday evening, September closed )

Trattoria Bar AI CACCIATORI**°° of Zanon Marcello & C. sas, REMANZACCO 33047 UD, loc.Cerneglons via Pradamano 28, tel.0432-670132 / The most traditional friulan dishes in all courses; speciality: Frico soufflè 'dei Cacciatori'; Game from mountains and from plain; other home dishes in rotation / Monday and August closed (see map)

Restaurant Osteria ANTICO LEON D’ORO**°°, CIVIDALE del Friuli 33043 UD, Borgo di Ponte 24, tel.0432-731100 393-9144083 / A century-old place and a unique family style for giving more vigour and more freshness to the traditional tastes, ever with the most natural local produce / Historical court with summer pergola; parking at few meters / Open the whole day, closed Wednesday.  

Osteria with cooking ALLA GHIACCIAIA**°°, Udine 33100 UD, via Zanon 13, tel.0432-502471 / In the city heart and in an historical building with arbour and veranda on the ditch, the most typical specialities of Friuli (original and also rare cured meats and cheeses, all traditional dishes) and the classic dishes of the italian and international cooking \ Doc Colli Orientali wines/ Monday closed

Holiday farm RONCHI DI S.EGIDIO**°° of Micheloni Daniele & Tiziana, MANZANO 33044 UD, loc. Poggiobello 20, tel./fax.0432-750171  /  Typical friulan cooking homemade with armony and simplicity in a millenary walled court / Open: thursday and friday19-24.00, saturday and sunday 11-24.00 (September and October closed)

Holiday farm RONCO DELLO SCHIOPPETTINO**°°°, Prepotto 33040 UD, Loc Casali Brischis 70, tel.0432-713410 Hot cooking with the most tasty friulan homemade dishes, beginning from the pasta; special goose, duck, rabbit / Splendid view of the Judrio valley / Open saturday and sunday at meal times (friday only for groups on booking); 7 January-28 February and July-August closed

Province of South Udine

Holiday farm BRAIDANOVA*°°° of Zucchiatti family, Porpetto 33050, via Madonna Missionaria 7, tel./fax. 0431-60025 / Cold cooking, Frico, Cooked Salami: from thursday to saturday 16.30-21.00, sunday 10-13.00/16.30-21.00 ( August-September and 22 December-7 January closed) / Sale of bottled and by measure wines: ever open, sunday closed / Touristic accommodation ever open

Holiday farm BACCO UBRIACO of Andrea Scarel, AQUILEIA 33051 UD via IV Partita 22/A, tel.0431-919655 333-3879639 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Cold and hot (habsburg) cooking / Direct by measure sale of Doc e Igt by wines / Open 16-22.00 from wednesday to friday, 10-22.00 saturday and sunday; August closed     

Holiday farmLA DURIDA*°°°,soc.agr. of Puntin Luciano, Monica and Daniele ss, AQUILEIA 33051 UD, loc. IV Partita 3/A (1,4 km at West from the Basilica), tel./fax.0431-918669  348-5502510  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.   / Cold and hot cooking (typical friulan dishes; speciality: Goose) in two rooms and veranda / Direct sale of typical Wines (by measure and in bottle) / Open from 15 October to 25 June 10-14.30/16.30-21.00 (tuesday and wednesday closed)

Holiday farm MORSUT*°°° Luca, RUDA 33050 UD, loc. San Nicolò via Mondina 5, Tel.0431-998929   347-7518985  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Cold dishes: from wednesday to sunday10-12.30/16-19.30; also hot cooking (pork specialities and grill) from friday to sunday 10-24.00 / Direct sale of wines, cured pork meats, jams, honey, fruit: ever open (EN)  (See File)

Holiday farm TOMASIN*°°°, FIUMICELLO 33050 UD, loc.Papariano via Nazionale 32/A Ss 14, tel.0431-967016  388-4711754 / Cold and hot typical cooking; special barbecued and baked dishes (pies, shin...) / Banquet room; summer gazebo; football pitch; children playground /Sale of fruit and wines / Open thurday and friday 10.30-14.30/16.30-23.00, saturday and sunday 10.30-23.00 no stop hot cooking (January and the second half of July closed)

Holiday farm ZORAT*°°° Adriano, TERZO di Aquileia 33050 UD, via Malborghetto  SS 14, tel.0431-373013  338-4623086  / Cold and hot cooking with Low Friuli typical dishes (every day a different soup and every week a new special dish) and own wines: 10-14.00/15-23.00 (monday and tuesday, July and August closed) / Sale of bottled and by measure wines
Cotechino with sauerkraut 

Trattoria Bar AL CACCIATORE**°°, PALAZZOLO dello Stella 33056 UD, loc. Piancada via Casali Paludo sinistra 9, tel.0431-58152,  / In addition to all game specialites, we ever prepare our classic thematic menu: of the fisher, of the hunter, friulan, mountain, young... / Wednesday closed

Osteria ALLE RISORGIVE**°°, Codroipo 33033 UD, via delle Acacie 2, tel./fax.0432-904491 Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. / Typical friulan cooking with seasonal produce and a selection of the best local cured meats and cheeses; Specialities: boletus-chestnut soup, potatoes frico, wholemeal polenta, musèt e brovade, tripe, gulasch, game; native friulan wines /  Typical building / Monday closed

Province of Gorizia

Holiday farm AI FEUDI of Marizza Monica & Villi, GRADISCA d’Isonzo (34072 GO) via Venuti 11, tel.0481-961105  / Cold and hot cooking (habsburg too) and Sale of vegetables, asparagus, bottled and by measure wines: thursday and friday 10-15.00/17-23.00, saturday and sunday 10-23.00 ( 20-30 August closed) / Touristic accommodation in rooms and camper staying area: ever (September closed)

Holiday farm NADALI ILVO*°°°, Mariano del Friuli, loc. Corona via Gorizia 9, tel.0481-69410 Cold cooking ever, in the winter some typical dishes / Sale of typical local wines (Ferretti area)/ Open from friday to monday 10-13.00/16 -21.00  /  Guided visit in the winery and educational tasting for groups

Lokanda DEVETAK****, Savogna d'Isonzo 34070 GO, loc. S.Michele del Carso Brežici 22, tel.0481-882488  331-9846067 / Complete menu of the typical karstic area of Gorizia / Open wednesday and thursday evening, friday saturaday and sunday noon and evening (Osteria18-24.00)

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