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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Typical dishes of Friuli TOC DI VORE and TOC IN BRAIDE

Toç di vore and Toç in braide are dishes with an ingredient simple and almost equal for both of it: a sauce (toç) with smoked ricotta, milk and butter. Both ones are very savoury and always with polenta. 

    The more nourishing and elaborate of it is the ‘Toç di vore’ (‘Sauce when working’) which consists in a thick cream to serve with a toasted slice of polenta: it is made with a mixture of grated Latteria cheese and smoked ricotta, wheat flavour, milk and pepper, first heated and after cooked in melted butter.
 The more complete version of the ‘sauce when working’ requires to immerse in the cream (as above explained) some pork stew or sausages (‘Toç di purcìt’) separately cooked (foto of the Osteria Al Crostis at Tualis of Comeglians: with pork sausages).
  There is no easy to find this dish in Friuli, even in Carnia, because the quantities of the ingredients and the cooking method request a good experience, without considering the preparation (which must be made at the moment) length, near to one hour. 

  The Toç in braide (‘Sauce in the field’) is instead lighter (normally is proposed as appetizer) because the absence of meats and of melted Latteria cheese in the sauce.
 An important ingredient is however the soft maize polenta: in fact, in whole High Friuli this dish once, in the more poor recipe, was named ‘Polente cuinciade’ (Flavoured polenta)

 The Toç in braide generally in the plain lands is served in the more simple version (in the second foto from above, the dish of the Holiday farm Contessi of San Daniele, with yellow polenta): this version has been adopted by several regional Restaurants as ‘special traditional dish of Friuli region’ to keep always in the menu.
 In Carnia area people prepares a more rich version with longer coking of the sauce which puts on a clear brown colour, and with addition of mushrooms or pine nuts (in the third foto from above, the rich dish of the Trattoria Al Gan at Trava of Lauco).

Where to eat the Toç in braide and the Toç di vore in Friuli

Holiday farm MALGA PURA SCHENE WELDE*°°°, Ampezzo 33021 UD, loc. Passo Monte Pura, tel.0433-80599 339-7440818 / Cold and hot cooking typical of Carnia / Accommodation in rooms / Sale of cheeses and cured pork meats / Open every day from June to September (until 15 October if good weather) (See File)
Toç in braide

Toç in braide 
Osteria with cooking AL CROSTIS**°°, Comeglians 33023 UD, loc.Tualis 46a, tel.344-0390326 / Typical carnic dishes / Open: 10-22.00, saturday and sunday 9-22.00; monday closed from 15 September to 31 May.
'Toç di vora'

Osteria with cooking AL GAN**°°, LAUCO 33020 UD, Loc. Trava via Trava 76, tel.0433-74105 / Typical dishes of Carnia
Toç in braide (You must book 2 days before)

Holiday farm RANDIS*°°°, ARTA TERME 33022 UD, loc. Alzeri di Piano d'Arta, tel.329-2316254 fax.0433-2405  / The best dishes of Carnia cooking / Open 11-22.00 whole year (no-stop cooking in holidays) / Riding ground and school / Accommodation in rooms /
Toç di vore

Restaurant Bar CARNIA DA MODESTO**°°, Tolmezzo 33028 UD, via della Vittoria 6 (beside Museum of Carnia and Touristic Office), tel.0433-2542 / Varied cooking proposed, thanks to family management, with care and warmth; recipes of Carnia, fantasy dishes, pizzas for young people, all made with local produce; daily and touristic menu; thematic dinners / Room for groups / Open 7 -24.00 (sunday closed)
Toç in braide

Holiday farm CASCINA LAVARONI**°° of Marcello Lavaroni, BUTTRIO 33042 UD, Borgo Fumo via Peruzzi 24/26 tel.0432-683161 fax 0432-673210 / Cold cooking: from tuesday to thursday 16-21.00; cold and hot cooking: friday 16-22.00, saturday and sunday 10-13.30/16-21.30 (specialities: risotto, rabbit, fasui cu la crodie...) / Sale of typical bottled and by measure wines / Accommodation in rooms
Toç in braide

Holiday farm CONTESSI Manuel**°° San Daniele del Friuli borgo Chiamansi via Regane 12, tel. fax. 0432-940988 347-1124377 / Cold and hot typical and homemade cooking from thursday to sunday (January an February closed) / Accommodation in rooms
Toç in braide

Restaurant Osteria AL CANTINON***°, SAN DANIELE del Friuli 33038 UD, via Battisti 2,  tel./fax.0432- 955186, / Tasting of typical products ( 18 months seasoned Ham with compotes and vegetables in oil from our synergetic kitchen garden) ; seasonal Menu with the best typical friulan, area and fantasy dishes, ever with 40 choices and bred and pasta homemade / Open 10-15.00/18-24.00 (thursday closed open in summer from 18 June)
Toç in braide

Restaurant Bar ALLA TAVERNETTA DA ALIGI***°,  PORPETTO 33050 UD, via Matteotti 16 tel.0431-60201  /  The best foods of ancient lands born from the sea (also the white truffle) proposed with careful and refinement in traditional and creative recipes; large choice of wines; in February the 'Pork lovers' festival' / Bar times: 8-15.00/18-24.00; wednesday and sunday evening closed  (See File)
Toç in braide

Restaurant Ancient Inn PRINCIPATO DI ARIIS***°, RIVIGNANO, loc. Ariis via Chiesa 2, tel.0432-775008-773717  335-8252423  fax.0432-774715,  / Typical local dishes with precious meats and game, interpreted with fantasy and genuineness in an historical house; room for ceremonies and parties / Open in the meal time (sunday 10-24.0 0), tuesday and saturday noon closed
Toç in braide 


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