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Tutto quello che potete trovare soltanto nel Friuli Venezia Giulia, la regione bella e interessante tutto l'anno.
Restaurants with individual cooking on soapstone or lavastone in Friuli
   ' On the stone ' is one of the most original types of cooking.

   It is similar to grill on steel plate but in this case you don’t must grill in the kitchen standing in front of the lit fire, but instead comfortably seated at the table having in front a rectangular slab stone which is preheated and along 40 minutes has enough heat for cooking every kind of laid food (meat, fish, cheese, vegetables...) simply placed on it.
  That is made possible by the particular composition of the stones used for this purpose.
  The most used stone is the steatite (composed of magnesium, talc and, partly, chlorite) named, in english language, ‘ soapstone ‘ and in Italy ' pietra ollare ‘ because in the old times was used, being a little hard, to make vases or jars ( 'olle' in latin language). This grey stone is naturally non-stick and it (being neutral chemical compound) don’t changes, in the least, food tastes and flavours.
  The same characteristics it has the diorite, a volcanic stone a lot harder, with a dark grey colour (similar to the granite and basalt) just named ‘ lava-stone ‘.
    The advantages of cooking on soapstone or lavastone are, first of all, the same ones of cooking on the non-stick steel plate: absence of burnt seasoning and of carbonaceous remains (present, instead, on grill or barbecue).
  The particular advantages are: to personally cooking, comfortable seated at the table where you eat; to prepare the dishes in the order that you want; the exact cooking level that you prefer, watched moment by moment. This is a real revolution in the refreshment off home because in the public restaurant times and ways of the cooking are almost totally decided or carried out by the cook. However it is one of the few kinds of savouring completely the original tastes of the various dishes in full genuineness (especially if they are particular as the friulian ones) and with the enjoyment and the satisfaction of being, a little, a cook. (In the foto, the individual set of cooking on lava-stone in the Al Plan di Paluz, Tarcento).

Ristoranti con cucina su pietra ollare-lavica in Friuli

Restaurant PLAN DI PALUZ Trattoria in the park**°°, TARCENTO 33017 UD, via Malignani 21, tel.0432-784120  / Specialized, in addition to classic friulan dishes, in individual lava-stone cooking, small spit of mixed meat, ’Laura's panful' / Large room and large park with 200 seats open air / The best close panorama of Tarcento (closed monday and tuesday)

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